was present at the 2007 NFL Combine
at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey can help prepare young athletes for the tests that are required by the NFL
Combine in order to be eligible for the NFL draft and a position on a NFL team.
recorded for each run. The best time is used for scoring purposes. Timing is done by pro scouts.
20 Yard Short Shuttle
The 20 yard short shuttle is a measure of quickness. Each player is timed twice, once to the left and
once to the right. Both times are recorded. The best time is scored.

Vertical Jump
The vertical jump is a measure of lower body strength. The test is conducted using the Vertec
measuring device. Each player jumps twice. The highest jump is scored.

225lb. Bench Press
The 225 pound bench press is a measure of upper body strength. Each player completes as many
repetitions as possible

Body Measurements

Height and weight measurements determine a player's size. Height is measured to 1/8th of an inch

Weight is measured to the nearest pound.

Body Photo
The body portrait provides a visual image of a player's body type and build. Players are
photographed from the front wearing shorts only.

Hand Span
Spread hand is measured from tip of thumb to tip of pinky.

Arm Length
Extended arm is measured from shoulder blade to tip of middle finger.