Page TitleNew Jersey High School Powerlifting
June 5, 2011 - NJ High School Championships
RESULTS 2009 NJ State High School
Bench Press Championships
RESULTS   2009 NJ State High School
Powerlifting Championships
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You spend hours and hours training lifting lots of heavy weight getting ready for competition for each lift that only takes a total of 30
seconds each.  It is important to understand the process of competing so that you do well and make sure all that hard work pays off.
Download the USAPL Rule Book  
Download the following chart that will help you track
Contest Day.
Upon signing the registration form all contestants
understand that they may receive a Urine test that will
be sent to a outside lab for testing.  Parents please
understand this and you are welcome to be present
during the testing
Bench Press Championships
Sat March 15, 2008
2008 New Jersey High School
Powerlifting Championships
Sun June 8, 2008 - ALL LIFTERS
Costs for Competition
Contest Registration $50
(includes cost for drug testing & trophies)
USAPL Card $15 (purchase at contest)
Team Registration $50 per team
Bench Press Championships
Sunday June 5, 2011