Client Success Stories continues to grow our business by referrals of
successful clients who have met their goals.    
By providing our clients with a complete base line test we are able to measure
your progress throughout your training program and provide you quantitative results
at the end of the training session

With over 200 clients who have gone through our 10 week program below is just a
few example of our customers success stories:

These are the results of a High School
Program once a year for 3 years
children with a Bench Press of 375 lbs

We focused on Technique, Form,
Breathing and Safety

This child is now in College Playing
College Football
Our 3 boys really enjoyed their
workouts with Mark.    The final
results after the ten weeks of training
was all you needed to see.   A
improvements from the first week.
Mark taught them to weight train
with the correct form and posture.   
He always stressed safety.
Mark built the foundation they
needed to weight train with each
Charitable check written to
Franklin Wrestling Club
10% of all training costs goes to your charitable
Our son greatly benefited from the
Strength and Conditioning training
and thoroughly enjoyed his time with
surgery 12/01/10, and months of
physical therapy, I knew he needed
that he now has a good foundation of

Charitable check written to
Susan G. Komen Cancer
10% of all training costs goes to your charitable
You've done so much for our son
throughout High School as he trained
for baseball. We are thrilled that
college to play baseball, we know that
successes! Thanks for doing ...what
you do!
People, this is the trainer your kid

Charitable check written to
South Jersey Field of Dreams
10% of all training costs goes to your charitable
organization 10 Week
Program once a year for 3 years


61% Increase in Agility

70% Increase in 1 Rep Maximum in
Bench Press

Over 100% Increase in Back Strength

Over 150% Increase in Core Strength


33% Increase in Agility

85% Increase in Leg Strength

Over 150% Increase in Arm Strength

Over 160% Increase in Back Strength
Here are the results of a man who
came to us and just wanted to work
on getting in better overall shape

We provided a 10 week program that
would focus on safe yet effective
strength at the same time keep it fun

You can see that it doesn't matter
how old you are you can get stronger
and gain muscle mass at any age
13 Year Old Boy in 7th Grade


51% Increase in Agility

Over 200% Increase in Back Strength

Over 400% Increase in Pushup

This child knew nothing about
Strength Training but knew in order
to be competitive he needed to get
stronger for his sports
Hi Mark,

I have one week left to go and I feel great!  It is amazing how your body will respond when
challenged to do so.  I no longer feel like an old woman when I wake up!  I no longer have back pain
during the day at work.  I have lost 8 lbs (but more inches) so that I feel better than I have in years.
everyone I know that this has been the best thing I have done for myself ever!

Dr. Donna Diziki
Dear Mark,

Thank you for working with my son.  I know he is not an easy child to work with,  but I so appreciate
your patience. I am so happy to see that  there was a big difference in his running.    I do think his
fitness level has improved over the past 10 weeks.   He seems to have more confidence in his
movement since you have been working with him.  Thanks again.