Just want to thank you both for yesterday.  My son had a GREAT time.  
He was hesitant to go at first and I had to push him – I knew he would like it – I just didn’t anticipate
how much.  I am not out for this to have a STUD of a son – I just wanted him to be a bit more
physically active.  He was so into everything you taught him and again most importantly he had
a blast.  What a good program to get kids in to early on – teaching them
proper technique, eating habits and general training.  
This is definitely a program I support and will continue to support.  
The Vertec measures your
leg exercises to increase
leg strength and power
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Football or
Cheerleader and Age
Measures Leg Strength

10 Week program will build
leg strength which will
increase speed
Horizontal Pull Ups Test
Measures Back Strength

10 Week program will build
back strength which will
increase over all upper body
Measures Speed

10 Week program will build
increase your speed
Push Up Test
Measures Upper Body

10 Week program will build
overall upper body strength
Agility Test

and increase agility speeds
Wall Ball Squats --                  Children need to learn to squat safely and properly.  Using the ball is safe and easy
Lunges --                                  Learn correct form knees do not go over the toes and drive with the heal of the foot
Rotator Cuff Exercises --      Many children are throwing -- It is important to strengthen the shoulder girdle
Speed and Agility --                Cone Drills, T Drills, Ladder Drills
Cool down Stretching --       Stretch and talk to your children on the benefits of proper health and nutrition

Each Session will be for 1 hour.    

Location: Belle Mead Physical Therapy
476 Amwell Road, Hillsborough, NJ
Right next to Hillsborough High School
1,000 sqft at Belle Mead Physical Therapy
2012 Children's Strength Training