Strength and Conditioning For All Ages
"Strength and Conditioning"

Comprehensive book on Strength Training
from Nationally Ranked Powerlifter
Mark Salandra

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Book Topics
 First Train Your Mind --  Unless you decide you want to make a change in your life nothing is going to happen
 Goal Setting -- Define what you want and design a program to get there
 How the Body Burns Food for Fuel --  Understand how and why specific foods can make you stronger
 Nutrition -- Eat right and live a happy and healthy life
 Strength Training for Children -- Understand why it is safe and good for children to workout
 Evaluation and Testing -- How strong are you?   Understand the tests that can show you.
 Plyometrics -- What is it and how it can make you more powerful and faster
 Speed and Agility -- What muscles trained properly will make you faster and quicker
 Program Design -- What is the best strength training program for YOU !!
 Exercises and Sample Routines -- See what exercises have built Nationally Ranked Champions
 Take Action Now -- Learn what to do and how to stay motivated
 About the Author -- Take our 30 years experience and learn how to be mentally and physically strong