Mark Salandra                                                        Diane Salandra

   Education:                                                                                    Education:
Masters Fairleigh Dickinson University                            Masters in Social Work - MSW
Wharton Executive Education                                             Rutgers University
B.S. Kean University                                                             B.S. University of Delaware
Green Brook High School                                                   P.T. Physical Therapy - University of Delaware
       Neptune High School

    Certifications:                                                                            Certifications:                                                               
National Strength & Conditioning Association                National Strength & Conditioning Association
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist                   Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
USA Powerlifting State Referee                                          American Red Cross CPR / AED
American Red Cross CPR / AED                                       Aquatic Therapy Certified
       Tai Chi Specialist

Personal Best Lifts at 181 lbs body weight
400 Pound Bench Press
460 Pound Squat
470 Pound Deadlift

 National Rankings in the USA Bench Press
2007 Ranked 15th Masters 181 Class
2004 Ranked 12th Masters 181 Class
1988 Ranked 39th Open 181 Class
1984 Ranked 16th Open 165 Class
NJ State Champion Bench Press
NJ State Record Holder Bench Press

USA Powerlifting Nationally Ranked
USA Powerlifting New Jersey State Record holder
USA Powerlifting State Referee
New Jersey State High School Powerlifting Meet Director
Advocate for the Presidential Challenge Program
  •   Teaching Children Technique and Safety of Weight Lifting at  Hillsborough High School Strength & Conditioning Program
  •   Meet Director for New Jersey State High School USA Powerlifting Contests
  •   Coach local children sports (Football, Baseball)
  •   Presidential Challenge Program Advocate

    Current Fitness Regime:
    Mark trains at 5am in the morning working towards staying in shape and
    competing on a National level in USA Powerlifting.    You may see Mark in the
    neighborhood at night riding his bike or walking to lose the extra pounds.

    Exercise Philosophy:
    Marks philosophy on working out is everyone has Choices.    You can choose
    to be 10 pounds over weight or you can choose to be in top shape.   You can
    choose to go for what you want in life or you can choose to sit on the couch.

    Have confidence in yourself and take the first step to changing your life and
    getting in the best shape you can.      Start by signing up for a

                                           FITNESS EVALUATION

    The Fitness Evaluation will let you know exactly where you are today and
    provide you a way to measure your success moving forward.   We look
    forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.

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Meet The Trainer
Welcome to and
Thank You for your Interest in our Company! is the leader in providing Personal Strength and
Conditioning Training to Children, Adults and Senior's in New Jersey.

With over 30 years experience in Strength Training
provides personalized programs that meet your needs.

If you are a beginner just getting involved with physical fitness or a seasoned
athlete looking to improve your physical conditioning has
a training plan that is right for you.
Mark Salandra BS, MBA, CSCS - President
Nationally Ranked Powerlifter
2009 North East Regional Champion
2011 NJ State Silver Medalist Bench Press Champs
2011 Nationally Ranked

Diane Salandra BS, PT, MSW, CSCS - Director of
Women's Health & Senior Fitness Programs
Physical Therapist

National Strength & Conditioning Association
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists
National Strength & Conditioning
2011 Nationally Ranked USA Powerlifting
NJ State Record Holder
Trained for FBI, State Police, Local Police
Train Children on the Safety of Weight Lifting
30 Years Training Experience
25 Year Competing in USA Powerlifting
Presidential Physical Fitness Advocate
President of

Diane Salandra - BS,PT,MSW, CSCS
Physical Therapist for over 20 years
Experience in Rehabilitation of Injuries
Working with Woman and Seniors

Mark Salandra is the Founder and President of  A State Champion
and Nationally Ranked Powerlifter for over 32 years Mark shares his knowledge and
programs to help children and adults live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Diane Salandra is the Director of Woman's Health and Senior's Fitness.   Utilizing over 20
years of Physical Therapy Experience with Woman and Senior's Diane has specialized in
Aquatic Therapy, Bone Health and Balance Stabilization.

Mark and Diane's philosophy is to motivate individuals to be the best they can be.  It's all about
making a difference in someone's life and helping each client reach their individual goals.  
Specializing in Weight Loss, Increase Speed, Agility, Strength & Power for Adults Children,
Men & Woman