Mark Salandra has been a competitive Powerlifter for the past 32 years and looks
forward to sharing his experiences and knowledge of the sport of Powerlifting
Mark's accomplishments include:
Mark believes that strength and conditioning is the foundation to each and
every sport.  If you combine talent and desire with a well structured strength
and conditioning routine you will provide our young athletes with the strong
foundation that they all require.
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2007 USAPL American National Bench Press Championships
Salandra 181 lb Class
1st Place Masters Bench Press
181 lb Weight Class
400 Pound Bench Press
460 Pound Squat
470 Pound Deadlift
2010 Ranked top 10 Masters 165 Class
2008 Ranked 5th Masters 181 Class
2007 Ranked 15th Masters 181 Class
2004 Ranked 12th Masters 181 Class
1988 Ranked 39th Open 181 Class
1984 Ranked 16th Open 165 Class
1984, 1985, 1986 NJ State Champion Bench Press
NJ State Record Holder Bench Press
Salandra Powerlifting